Welcome to Masia Fogueres

Welcome to our site!!
We are a danish couple who bought an old farm in northern Catalonia in 2013.

The farm is called Masia Fogueres.

In february 2018, we moved here from Denmark, with 5 horses and 2 cats. We moved to Masia Fogueres  to start a new life, to start living out a dream that we have had for many years.
A dream of living closer to nature, in the mountains and forest, restoring and old farm and building a retreatcenter from scratch.

So this is exactly what we are doing.
We are living in a caravan and a tipi while working on the farm and restoring the houses.
The sun gives us electricity, and we get water from a spring and from collecting rainwater.
We are working on becoming self sufficient, and we are growing our own veggies and fruit.

We offer camps for war veterans, natural hoof care, horse communication training, balanced, bitless riding and Irest yoga nidra meditation.

Take a look around the site!