Camp Zero veteran project

Camp Zero is the name of our war veteran project here at Masia Fogueres.
It is also the name of our campsite.
The very first team of veterans to visit Masia Fogueres, came up with the name, and we are very grateful for that.
We wish for this place to be a place to reset, to start from point zero.

What we do is offer war veterans an opportunity to come and stay in our campsite for a few days, to give them a break from their often hard everyday life.
While staying here, the veterans can participate in different project on the farm as much or as little as they want to or feel like.
These project can be many different things, such as helping in the renovation of the houses, building shelters in the forest around the farm, building fences around the paddocks, helping to look after and train the horses, helping in the veggie garden, participating in yoga and Irest meditation.
We do our best to offer a peaceful environment for veterans, where it is always possible to draw back into your own peaceful nest if you need peace and quiet.
We feel it is important that the individual veteran can choose whether to be social or solitary. And whether he/she wishes to participate in any of our projects or just spend the days in peace and quiet, enjoying the peaceful, beautiful nature that surrounds the farm.

The campsite at the farm, is a simple, calm place. There is a wood cabin with two beds and several places to set up tents. There is a fireplace, a dry toilet and an outdoor bath.
For each camp we set up a large tent and create a kitchen and eating area there.
The veterans can participate in the preparing and cooking of food if they wish to.

If you are a war veteran and interested in participating in one of our camps, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are very happy to be co-working with bushcraft and outdoor instructor Jesper Hede in this project. You can see his website here.

We are continuously seeking financial support and funding for our veteran project. If you are interested in supporting the project in any way, please contact us.