Here you can read about upcoming events and retreats, hosted by Masia Fogueres.

Yoga retreat with  yoga instructor Kristina Lindberg Vedøe.
Kristina is a very skilled and talented yoga instructor. She has many years of experience in teaching yoga, and in giving retreats.
Together with her husbond René, she runs a yogastudio in Denmark. You can see their website here: 

Here is what Kristina has to say about herself and the yoga that she teaches:

Kristina Lindberg Vedøe

My Story:

I am a mother & wife, yogini & nutritionist, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, healer and lover of life.

I am wild at heart and think of myself as a practical mystic. I love good food, dark chocolate and mother earth. I’m crazy about the moon and passionate about the Divine Femme.

I started practicing yoga at 23, after being introduced to my dear Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar by my boyfriend at the time, who is now my husbond. My thirst for truth and wellness led me on a quest to learn yoga and natural nutrition (Ayurveda), and I have since studied with some of the world’s most renowned and luminary teachers. I feel blessed beyond words to have met everyone on my path.

As a seeker of truth and understanding I found myself meditating not in bliss but in the darkest mud of my being, to realize that I was not happy and that all the scars from the past had taken over my life in every moment. That my life was a self-made illusion.

With a desire to find meaning in the mess, and clarity in the chaos inside, I was inspired to educate myself in a deeper understanding of yoga, shadow tracking, mindfulness and deep meditation to heal the wounds. This became many years of several educations as healer, yoga teacher, spiritual mentor and coach etc.

This journey has transformed my life in every way and still does, and I hope to inspire others to find peace within and have the courage to make all the choices in their everyday life, to awaken the power of their presence and feel the joy that lives in every moment.

I believe life is such a sacred gift to be embraced and I hope to remind you of the healing soul power that lies within your wildly resilient heart.

My yoga teaching is Prana vinyasa flow, spiced up with intuitive storytelling, myth, knowledge and embrace. I teach soft lunar flows and dynamic fiery solar flows according to the moon cycles. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced seeker or practitioner of yoga , I will embrace you with my profound skills….

I have taken several certified yogateacher educations since 2003, ERYT 500.

Sri Sri Yoga 200 hours., Art of breathing coach, Mind and body medicine, Reiki Healing, Studies of tantric filosophy, Student of Samudra Global school of Living Yoga by Shiva Rea (Prana Vinyasa Flow) ERYT 200 hours, Urban Priestess education.
I am continually taking clinics and training and keep educating myself.
I have taught more than 7000 hours of yoga…..

I am looking forward to meet you on the mat…


Bushcraft tour with danish outdoor Instructor Jesper Hede.
Jesper will be guiding a Bushcraft tour in the mountain wilderness surrounding Masia Fogueres.
Here is what jesper has to say about Bushcraft and about his company.

What is Bushcraft?
Bushcraft is outdoor living in its simplest form. You could call it “wilderness skills”.
Contrary to more traditional outdoor living, bushcraft is about only bringing the most necessary things, plus a few tools like a knife, axe and saw, and then use nature and its ressources in a sustainable way, to sustain a decent standard of living, when you are in the outdoors. You can say that bushcraft is about being self-sufficient when going on a trip in nature.
Who is Bushcraft Denmark?
Bushcraft Denmark is a company with a passion for primitive outdoor living, traditional craftsmanship and for giving our customers amazing experiences in nature.
We teach anything from survival skills, bushcraft, hunting, woodcarving, basketbinding to canoeing, and to everyone from kindergardens, schools, tv production companies to war veterans and other instructors of outdoor living.
Together our instructors have more than 100 years of experience and the company is owned by Jesper Hede, who is an educated outdoor guide. He makes a living teaching people about bushcraft, survival skills, edible plants, hunting and much more.

You can read more about the company here: