Horse Communication

I teach horse communication and bitless, balanced riding.
I mainly teach people who come to stay here on the farm for several days.
I usually work with a combination of Irest yoga nidra meditation, yoga and horse communication.
Students can be anyone from horse people interested in deepening their relationship with horses, to people with different kinds of issues, wanting to learn from the horses.
You don’t have to have prior experience with horses to participate in my teaching.

When I teach, I aim to meet every horse and human exactly where they are. If the communication from the ground is not working, we will start there before moving on to riding.
Sometimes we only work with the horses from the ground. It all depends on the situation and the individual student.
I do a lot of liberty work and basic leading work with a normal halter and rope. I focus on refining the humans body language and signals, and on helping the human gain an understanding of the horses way of communicating.

I think it is important to always remember that the horses did not choose this life with us, we chose it for them. Therefore it is our responsibility as humans to make sure that everything we do with our horses is done in a way that is in their best interest in every way. I believe that horse training and riding, can and should be interesting, fun and healthy for both horse and human.

I am a free spirit and have a hard time following one single method of training and riding.
When I teach riding, I use the classical and academic art of riding as a base , but I am inspired by many different horse people, and I do things my own way.
I believe that bits are unnecessary, and that all horses can be ridden in a balanced way without bits.
I think that working with gymnastic exercises from the ground is a great way to prepare horse and human for riding, and that it strengthens both the horses body and the horse-human relationship and bonding.

If you are interested in coming here as a student, please contact me for further info.