Masia Fogueres

Masia Fogueres is an old farm situated in the foothills of the spanish pyrenees, in northern Catalonia. The farm lies inside a natural park called: Les Guilleries, between the two cities, Vic and Girona, and apr. 100 km north of Barcelona.
There are two houses in ruins on the farm, originally built in the 15th century, and restored in the 18th century. The farm holds 84 hectares of land. The houses are situated at an elevation of 950 meters above sealevel. There is an amazing view of the treecovered mountains from both houses.

The park consist mainly of forest. The most common trees here are holm oak and pine trees, but birch cedar and chestnut can also be found. The mixture of hardwood and coniferous trees, gives the landscape a beautiful, diverse appearance and atmosphere.

Many different species of wild animals live in the park. For instance wild boar, foxes, genets, badgers, squirrels and lots of different bird species.

We bought the farm in 2013, and moved to live here in february 2018.
When we bought the farm, there had not lived anybody here since sometime in the 1970’s.
The houses were in a very poor condition. Large parts of the roof had crashed down and left the houses full of stones, tiles and old mortar.
There were no running water, or electricity on the farm.

The houses are stonehouses built with natural stones, found in the area. The outer walls are 50-60 cm thick.

The restoration of the two houses on Masia Fogueres, will be an ongoing process for many years to come. When restoring the houses, we aim to find the balance between respecting, keeping and restoring the old and original structure and atmosphere of the houses, while at the same time giving them a more modern feel and look.
The smallest of the houses will be our home, and the large house is being turned into a beautiful retreat center, with a yoga room, a large kitchen and eating area, and several rooms for our guests to stay in.

The land is mostly steep mountainsides with forest. A small part of it is more or less flat, and arable. In front of the houses, on the southside, are many arable terraces. Most of the stonewalls, originally built to hold the terraces in place, have crashed down, or have been covered in soil. This gives the landscape a soft parklike appearance.
We are growing vegetables, fruit, herbs, crops and hay on the land and terraces, all based on organic and permaculture principles.
We are aiming for self-sufficiency and for being able to serve homegrown, homemade food for our guests.

We intend to bring Masia Fogueres, and the beautiful land surrounding it, back to life, and share this amazing place with people in need of a peaceful break in an amazing natural setting.

We wish to do this, in a sustainable, respectful, aesthetic, peaceful and organic way.