Natural Hoof Care

I offer Natural hoof trimming based on Jaime Jacksons natural hoof care model that he developed after studying wild mustangs in the Great Basin in California and Nevada. He studied both the horses lifestyle, behavior and their hooves.

I certified as a Natural Hoof Care practitioner from AANHCP in 2008. I also worked as a Field Instructor for the AANHCP for several years, helping to pass on the knowledge of natural hoof care to students. I have had my own business in Denmark and worked professionally with NHC for more than 12 years.

There are several factors that influence the health of horses and their hooves. Therefore natural hoof care is a holistic approach where the horses lifestyle in general is looked at and discussed.
The most important factors are diet, environment and how the horse is trained and ridden. If any of these factors are very much out of balance according to the natural needs of horses, no hoof trimming method can keep the horse sound and the hooves healthy.

If on the other hand the horses lifestyle is balanced according to the natural needs of their species, all  horses can develop strong, sound, healthy hooves without the need for metal shoes.
By mimicking the natural wear patterns of wild free roaming mustangs, and applying them through hoof trimming, the hooves of our domesticated horses will become balanced and find their own unique form, that suits the horse they are sitting on.

Horses need a plantbased, high fiber diet in order for their digestive system to function well. It is natural for them to eat fibrous forage for many hours a day. Giving your horse access to good quality hay is very important for his/her health. Adding a natural vitamin/mineral supplement, will serve as a good base. If your horse has any special needs, you can add to this basic diet.

The wild mustangs in the USA move over large distances in order to find enough forage. They eat on the go, and rarely stands still for long periods of time, unless they are resting or sleeping.
This eating on the go behavior is crucial for the health of horses. It makes their digestive system function better and it keeps their muscles, tendons, ligaments and hooves strong. This is important for a flight animal. They need to always be able and ready to run from a predator. Also this constant movement and search for food, keeps the horses mind occupied and stimulates mental health.
creating an environment for your horse, where he/she lives in a herd with other horses and where they have space to move around after their forage and water, is important for your horses wellbeing and health. A Paddock Paradise track system is a good solution.
Movement over different surfaces like, gravel, sand and rocks, creates natural wear on the hooves and stimulates healthy growth.

Barefoot trail riding

Training and riding
The way you handle, train, ride and spend time with your horse, has a profound effect on his/her physical and mental health, and therefore also on the health of his/her hooves.
The absence of long term stress plays a huge role in your horses ability to grow healthy, strong hooves.
So spend some time thinking about what you do with your horse. Is everything you do with him/her beneficial to both of you? Does your horse understand your demands and desires, and is he/she happy to spend time with you? When you ride, are you doing it in a way that strengthens your horses body or are you putting stress on his/her system? Horses are sensitive animals, and they need to be respected and treated according to the natural needs of their species, to be healthy in body and spirit.

In other words, if you want your horse to be healthy and sound and have strong hooves, there are several factors that you need to address. How the actual hoof trimming is done is very important, but the lifestyle you offer your horse is just as important.

I offer natural hoof care in the area around Vic and Girona. Contact me for further information.