Permaculture (Permanent agriculture) is a design system for managing natural ressources and growing food in a sustainable way.
The three main ethical guidelines in Permaculture are: Care of the earth, care of people and fair share. We would like to add Care of animals.

In Permaculture the aim is to regenerate the soil, manage water sustainably and grow food in abundance while creating more energy than is being used.
It is all about respecting and working with nature and not against it, and thereby creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle which is better for us, the animals and the planet.

At Masia Fogueres we try to implement as many of the permaculture principles as we can in the way we restore, rebuild and recreate the farm.
We use permaculture in the way we are:

Managing the landscape
Managing water
Restoring the buildings
Growing food
Keeping and managing animals
Managing visits to the farm

It is an ongoing and fascinating process and we are constantly learning and discovering new paths to take and new ways to develop our dream project even more.